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Oct In case of some In fact they influence one another in a v Salman has earned great name and fame as an exemplary actor not only in India and Bollywood but th The success of astrological prediction depends on accuracy of birth data. In case of some of the n Astrology is a divine subject which is invariably used, inter-alia, to make predictions concerning In this issue of Research Journal the majority of articles are on various astrolgical combinations, numerology, vastu and fengshui etc. Future Samachar. Please wait page is loading No Thanks Get this offer.

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Articles in this Issue Related Articles Views : For this reason prospective brides and grooms or their parents are anxious to know when the marriage would take place and with which type of spouse? So they pose this question to their astrologer. Predicting marriage or any major event is not an easy task. These guidelines are based on the analysis of Birth and Navamsa charts.

D4 Divisional Chart Introduction - California Vyasa SJC Class 06.11.2006

This obviously implies a change of residence which comes under the domain of Chaturthamsa D-4 chart. In case of males it may indicate entry of wife in his life.

Chaturthamsa indicates not only the house made of bricks and mortar but also the homely comfort and happiness associated with it. This examination helps in shortlisting the antardasa and pratyatardasa. A few illustrative examples are given below:— Example 1: Female 14 April This girl was married on 28 December Her Birth and Chaturthamsa charts are shown below. The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu—Jupiter—Sun—Moon.

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Rahu is separative by nature and occupies 5th house in D-4 chart. Example 2: Female 15 February , Hrs. India The girl got married on 12th December The dasa at that time was Saturn—Rahu— Jupiter—Moon. Example 3: Female Got married on The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu —Venus—Saturn—Mercury.


Divisional Charts

Rahu separative occupies 4th house and aspects 10th house , lagnesh Venus i. Delhi Got remarried on 13th May The dasa at the time of marriage was Venus —Venus—Venus—Saturn. Venus, as lagnesh native , occupies 10th house Sasural whereas Saturn shows separation from Maayka.

Example 5 : Male 9th September Got married on 28th December The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu—Venus—Moon—Jupiter. Now, to get into more details we need to look into Divisional Charts where lordship of Dasha lord and its placement is divisional charts are checked thoroughly using standard rules of astrology. It may happen that Dasha lord is debilitated or afflicted in the natal chart but in Divisional Charts is strong and well placed.

Chaturthamsa Divisional Horoscope OR Varga birth Chart - Astrozing

In such a case, your prediction for certain dasha will not be correct because attention was not given to divisional charts. So far we have covered different types of Divisional Charts, its importance, methods of computation and their usages. Now the most important topics which are required to discuss is rules for examination of divisional charts or in simple words we need some guidelines which can help one to read divisional charts. Though there are different rules for each Divisional Chart but there are some set rules which are universally applicable to all divisional charts.

The above-mentioned rules are very important and work all the time and from my own experiences, I have felt that people get scared to use divisional charts which lead to wrong predictions in astrology. You should never hesitate to use divisional charts and try to find new ways to utilize them properly. But there are certain errors which comes into play while using divisional charts which I will discuss now.

This particular topic has to be covered here because in the excitement you may start using divisional charts and due to errors confusions will bound to happen. Divisional charts are the soul of astrology, they allow us to dissect a horoscope at a very minute level and brings wonderful results which are not possible by using natal chart alone.

Why Are Divisional Charts So Important?

If not all, at least divisional charts like drekkana d-3 , navamsa d-9 and dashamsa d should be analyzed and mastered properly because they deal with important life affairs, have higher Vimposhak bala and have a major say in results of dasha, without them astrology is incomplete. And I can do the same for you which can help you to realize your full potential with your life report and plan better for the future. Hello all! For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself.

Good Luck!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. April 19, Navamsa Calculation Table. Related Posts. Order Now. Naveen Rana Hello all! For weakness reverse may be considered depending upon the gravity of weakness of house concerned. Apart from all above many other things are evaluated. When lagan lord and 4 th house lord are mutually well placed, great affection with mother is indicated.

Sale of inherited property and loss of wealth is seen when 4 th house lord is associated with malefic and posited in weak 2 nd house,. You must log in to post a comment. Book an online appointment today. Call In order to derive Chaturthamsa horoscope from the main birth chart, the simplest method by Parashar is as follows: Any planet in the first part of sign from 0 to 7 degree 30 minutes remains in the same sign as occupied by planet in birth chart.

Planet moves to 4 th house from its position in birth chart when it is posited in birth chart from 7 degree 30 minutes to 15 degree. Planet moves to 7th house from its position in birth chart when it is posited in birth chart from 15 degree to 22 degree 30 minute. Planet moves to 10th house from its position in birth chart when it is posited in birth chart from 22 degree 30 minutes to 30 degree.

The first house of D4 horoscope indicates as to how native will use wealth properly in the right manner for fulfilment of desires and happiness or enjoyments. The 2nd house of D4 horoscope indicates native capacity to accumulate wealth and seek enjoyment thru wealth. Indication of types of assets native creates whether such assets are of permanent nature or temporary nature.